The Demand for Web Design in Fort Lauderdale is Booming

Driving results for your small business is essential for growth and expansion. To drive results, you need the right marketing strategy. To have a good marketing strategy, you must start with your website. Web design is one of the most lucrative fields that one could be in given how essential sites are to our economy as a whole.

If you’re a small business owner looking for web design in Fort Lauderdale, then there are some things that you need to know. 

Before hiring a digital marketing and web design company, you must consider who is it that you’re hiring. Placing your website in the hands of another person or group of people is a significant matter. It’s not like letting someone borrow a sweater.

This is your website! It’s the driving force behind your business’s internet presence, how you target audiences and the basis for generating leads. 

Just like you would consider certain factors when hiring a potential candidate for employment, you should ask questions. Here are some of the questions that you should ask before hiring a web designer and developer. 

Do you offer web design services that involve web development?

Make sure that the web designer(s) that you hire can do more than just build a pretty page. They should be versatile in their craft, and typically, that includes web development services. They don’t necessarily have to be web developers by trade, but they should have a general knowledge about web development and how to construct a website from the inside out. 

They should also know about search engine optimization (SEO). They should have strategic marketing techniques that they use to build a high-performing website that will drive traffic and generate leads. 

Do you specialize in any particular industry or field?

Although most web designers have a broad scope of designs and have experience in designing websites for many different companies, many will have certain specialties. Some may specialize in B2B or B2C designs. Some web designers also specialize in developing certain types of websites for a distinct market. 

For instance, some web designers have lots of experience in designing websites for hip hop artists. They have several templates that they use to build a hip, navigational, and visually engaging website that appeals to hip-hop lovers and enthusiasts. 

What are your conversion strategies?

Web design is so much more than just graphics and words on a page. The user experience should be the first priority for any web designer. When converting a potential customer into a loyal customer, the user experience must be top-notch. 

The user must remain engaged and interested throughout their website navigation process. Once they decide to make a purchase or inquire more about the product or service by calling your store, you’ve got them on the hook. 

Do you handle email marketing?

If you’re hiring a digital marketing agency, then they should handle your email marketing.

Do you handle internet marketing?

Internet marketing is everything. You should make sure that the web designer that you hire doesn’t just create your website. You should ensure that they either perform internet marketing tasks for you or provide expert advice on the subject.

What content management systems do you use?

Content management systems are used to create content on your website. Popular content management systems like WordPress is an excellent tool for creating content on a site. It allows you to create a format for how your content and images presented on the landing pages. Professional web designers should always use dependable content management systems when building a website.

How many landing pages should be on my website?

Depending on your business, you can determine how many landing pages should be on your website. Some websites require more than others; however, all sites should include the primary five pages. 

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services 
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

Any other page beyond those 5 is most likely subcategories of the services page. So this is something that needs to be discussed thoroughly before the web designer starts on your website. 

How long will it take to complete web design for my website?

The length of time that it takes to design a website is relevant to the amount of work that needs to be done. Is your website already established and needs to be improved? Are you building a website from the ground up? 

You should list all of the things that you need with your web designer to come up with an estimated time frame. 

Are your web designs mobile-friendly?

Most people are looking at websites on their phones. They could spend a combined 8 hours a day on their phone, all the while conducting searches and browsing through a variety of sites. 

So chances are someone that visits your website is doing so on their phones. This is why it’s paramount that your business website is responsive to cellular devices, as well as tablets and laptops. It’s also a non-negotiable rule of principal according to Google’s new mobile index. It must be responsive to all screen sizes. 

Do you incorporate search engine optimization principles?

Search engine optimization is the most critical aspect of making your website relevant online. It helps your website rank on Google so that your business name pops up on the first page of the results pages. 

A good web designer should use basic SEO principals, tools, and techniques when building your website. Starting with content marketing, they should incorporate high-ranking vital terms that will maximize your SEO potential. 

What do you need from me before launching the website?

As a business owner, you should always ask this question before making the big decision to hire a web designer or web developer. Communication is a crucial factor here, in which your web designer should help you formulate a list of what they would need from you to accurately depict your brand on the website. 

What is the cost of your web services? 

Web designers and web developers typically charge their clients based on the amount of time it takes to complete the project. Some web designers charge by the hour, require a monthly retainer or charges a flat fee based on the project specifications. 

This is a critical discussion that you must have in great detail with one another. Listing all of the tasks and coming up with a price that you both can agree on is essential. Everything must be clear, concise, and uncompromised. 

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